7 Things You Don't Know About: 7TYDKA

#1: I love to sing and play the piano!

#2: I am 14 years old.

#3: I am very professional and like to get things done.

#4: I am a girl :)

#5: I am a Viner!

#6: I'm very good at keeping secrets ;)

#7: If you were on Tackk a couple months back, you might have heard of the user @Alexiz. She had hundreds of followers but deactivated her account because she didn't have time for it. Well, that's me. I made this account a year ago, before the @Alexiz one. I wanted a professional account because I really want to be an advertiser and I thought that this account could help that.

(I'm the one in the black and white striped dress and brown hair

I promised you a 7 Things You Don't Know About Me, so here you go! I hope you enjoyed this Tackk! Remember to follow me on Tackk. Bye!