Alia McDonald - 7f

this is a game called studio code and it is very fun it has allot of strategy and works your brain its really fun and you have to complete level by level and each course you get a little video that helps you with the next level so its not that hard for you.

this is a picture i took by myself and then went on to and edited it i fixed up the hue and messed around with the colors and it turned out like the picture above.

this is my sweet 3-d home it is very realistic and has alot of items to choose from and you can build an upstairs room and have a car!!!

this is my desktop it has my games and what i access the internet with as you can see i have circle google chrome i did that because it is stable and wont crash on you and it is much easier to use than internet explorer and my background is very good.

this is my collage of what photos i took and edited i have used alot of inhansed color with the hue and i also put some brightness in the photo to give it a little more shazam.

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