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Bolivia is equal in size as California and Texas combined!!

The population in this huge country is a whopping 10,893,527! Most people there speak Spanish & Quechua. Their currency is Bolivian boliviano and they live in a republic government, their well known president, Evo Morales, has been there since 1998

Bolivia was also once part of the ancient Inca Empire. Bolivia is well known for it's famous lake, Lake Titicaca, which remains famous because of its status as one of the largest lakes in the world and South America's second largest freshwater lake. It's neighboring countries are Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Bolivia is the NUMBER ONE country on Earth for certified tropical forests.

Some of the things they say can be a little entertaining, like,

  • pajla – bald
  • creo que voy a buitrear/arrojar – I think I am going to throw-up.


Bolivia has a very tropical like climate, after all, Bolivia is the NUMBER ONE country on Earth for certified tropical forests. Best time to go? During the most "rainy season." More than enough tourist give a lot of feedback of how beautiful and peaceful Bolivia's climate is. Bolivia is mostly rural than urban. The main features of Bolivia are the Altiplano, a highland plateau of the Andes, and the famous river Lake Titicaca. Today Bolivia has a high of 54 degrees and a low of  39!

Famous Places!

Lake Titicaca

Bolivia is well known for it's famous lake, Lake Titicaca, it takes 6 hours to cross it! It's also one of the deepest lakes in the world. Lake Titcaca boarders Peru and Bolivia, it's the largest lake in South Ameriaca.

This is Lake Titicaca, in the middle there is a small island but not an ordinary one. There's no cars, hotels, or anything. That island has a few stores and a few people called Uros who speak Quechua.

La Paz
The Administrative Capital.

La Paz is on steep hills, the elevation is about 3,650 meters! (11,975ft) La Paz is located in the valleys of the Andes, and is closer to the Eastern split of the Altiplano region.

Salar de Uynui

Salar de Uyuni is the flattest place in the world, the 4,000 square mile salt flats were formed by a prehistoric lake.


K’alaphurka – Stone soup from Potosí. Served as breakfast or a mid morning snack. A volcanic rock which has been heated int he oven is placed at the bottom of the bowl. The soup is made of deep fried pork bits and a spicy creamy corn broth. The soup is poured over the rock and it boils the whole time you are eating it!

Chirimoya, frambruesa, mango, achachairu, y muchas otras frutas frescas!

Custard apple, raspberries, mango, lychee fruit, and bunches of other fresh fruit.



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This was very good!!! You included all the information and made me want to go there!!! Good job!:)

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Your country seems very interesting and beautiful, Dionne.