please stop the bulliying!!!!

some people don't know when you are bullying somebody.often times that person who is saying that bad comment to another person can effect them. and most of the times if you keep doing it the victim can get overwhelmed  and commit suicide.

what would you do if you were a part of this group of friends?if i was apart of this group i would report my actions and my group actions and take full  consequences.

but you can stop it. you can tell a parent or you can tell a teacher and you should spam there comment.

sometimes people notice that a person is getting bullied a do nothing about that shows the bully that you don't care and you won't tell.but if you are a open minded person you can tell somebody that this bully is hurting somebody's feelings.probably if you stand up more people will stand up and help stop bullying and it might reduce deaths in america.and to all yall bullies yall better stop or you have to face the consequences of your actions.