Earthquake Mathematics Project

George White

1-2.99 Level earthquakes
A "Micro", a very light earthquake.
Little to no damage is caused, you can barely feel it.
There isn't much data since they are such small harmless earthquakes.
Records show that about 900,000 occur each year.
Sinabang, Indonesia 03/07/14 Magnitude of 2.7
There are no pictures available because the earthquake was so small.
There wasn't any damage or aftereffects either.

3-4.99 Level earthquakes
Minor or light on the scale.
Little damage but everyone felt.
There wasn't very much data.
2-100 thousand occur each year.
Beverly Hills, California 03/17/14
The biggest damage that happen because of the earthquake was things falling down.

5-6.99 Level earthquakes

Moderate to strong, some damage.
Most damage to small weak structures.
Decent amount of data.
around 20-2000 occur each year.
Hotan, China 02/12/14
Destroyed small sheds and weak structures.

7-8.99 Level earthquakes
Major earthquakes, high damage.
Strong enough to collapse some buildings and cause deaths.
Good amount of data.
Around 3-20 of these level earthquakes happen each year.
Sitkin Island, Alaska 6/23/14
Collapsed few buildings and broke/separated ice.

9+ Level Earthquakes
Great earthquakes, severe damage
Can destroy close towns, cause many deaths.
Less than 3 happen each year.
Coast of Honshu, Japan March 11 2011
This earthquake also caused a massive tsunami.

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