Google Updates You Will Love

#1: New Collection of Templates in Docs, Sheets, & Slides

Choose from a wide variety of reports, portfolios, resumes and other pre-made templates designed to make your work that much better, and your life that much easier. Check out the new collection of templates in Docs, Sheets and Slides. My favorites include Docs newsletter and brochure templates, and the lesson planner in Slides. Make sure you  notice the "More" button.

#2. Voice Typing!

With Voice typing, you can record ideas or even compose an entire essay without touching your keyboard. To get started, activate Voice typing in the Tools menu when you're using Docs in Chrome.  See how to do it by watching the 6 second video below.

#3. Explore in Sheets

You can see automatic charts and analysis based on the data in your spreadsheet using the Explore feature. Find patterns in your data and add the charts directly to your Google  spreadsheet. As you are entering data, click on the Explore button in the lower right corner of your screen to visualize the data and see trends without touching the chart wizard. How sweet is that?

#4. Google Forms: New Themes!

The new forms have brand new colors and themes, can be easily filled out on mobile devices, and give you quick insight about responses. If you want to create a form using the new Google Forms, opt in to the new version. When editing a form created using the old Forms, you may also see a link at the top to try out the new version.

#5 See New Changes

To make it easier to keep up with the latest updates when collaborating on a Google Doc with others, there’s a “see new changes” option. It’ll show you all the changes made since the last time you opened the document.

To use this feature, click the "See New Changes" button (to the right of Help menu). You can also go to File > See new changes.

In the top right, use the arrows to scroll through the list of changes. Added text is highlighted, deleted text has a strike-through.

#6 Google Classroom Additions

1. Teachers can now ask a question! Teachers can post a short answer question to students in the class stream at any time, with options to allow students to edit their own answer, and to see and reply to classmates’ answers.  Formative assessment is super easy with this new feature!

2. Teachers can reuse existing posts (announcements, assignments, questions) from a current or previous class.

3. Teachers can change the order of posts in the class stream by moving any item to the top of the stream to give it priority.

4. Use the "Share to Classroom" Chrome extension to share web content.  Teachers can use the extension to instantly push web pages to all students in a class, or create an assignment or announcement in Classroom. Get the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

How can I  help you?

I am available to support WLCSD teachers as they use technology in their classrooms. Let me know if you would like to work with me for 1:1 coaching, professional development sessions with small groups or staff meetings. I want to work with you!  ~Pam