Inheritance Part 3

I have inherited where my family is from, México and Honduras. My father is Honduran and my mother is Tex-Mex, meaning that she was born in Texas but she is Mexican, and also raised in México. Both my parents are Mestizo, which means they are half white, half Native American, just like 80% of the population of both countries and the rest of Latin America. My European ancestors come from Spain, my father's are from Basque regionn of Spain and my mother's European ancestors came from the Castilla region and the Basque region. In the Americans, my mother's ancestors are the Tarahumara and Apache tribes of the state of Chihuahua, my fathers's ancestors are the Mayans of Honduras. This is important to me because it describes who I am and who are my people and its amazing that I know this too. What I don't know is that what specific part of Spain like a city were my family is from.

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