Licensed Practical Nurse

By: Yvonne Betsinger

My career goal is that I will be an Licensed Practical Nurse, aka LPN.

Advantages and Benefits


  • Emotionally rewarding
  • Promising job outlook
  • speedy entry
  • Flexibility


  • Excellent salary
  • Length in training
  • Chances for advancement


  • Work hours
  • Physical demands
  • Education
  • Duty limitations

Skills Needed to be Sucessful

  • monitoring and maintaining the patient's condition
  • check and record the patient's vital signs on a regular basis
  • change bandages and dressings and clean around catheters
  • perform injections
  • treat patients for bedsores or any other minor health issues
  • administer medications or start IV drips (In some states)
  • LPNs MUST be certified in CPR and life support in case of emergencies

Outlook and Salary


  • $14.74/hour ($30,650/year) to $27.44/hour ($57,080/year)
  • Median: $19.79/hour ($41,150/year)
  • Annual salary: $29,680-$56,010

Outlook: Opportunities will expand by about 22% through the year 2020

Related Ocupations

RN (Registered Nurse)

In order to become an LPN, after high school you need to attend college and soon after graduating from college you need to work as a Certified Nursing assistant for your first year.


After getting a high school diploma or a GED, you should apply for a training program (this typically is a 12 month program).

I plan to go to Minnesota State University, Mankato

College Information

Location: Mankato, MN 56001

Phone: (507) 389-1866

Visit their website at

Housing: different residential communities that vary greatly by size, location, rooms, laundry, etc...

Admission Information

Admissions or Placement tests: top 50% of high school classes have met the college prep standards.

Application form: online

Credit for prior learning: Rolling


Applying from another country:

  • April 1 for the August (Fall term).
  • September 1 for the January (Spring term).

Applying from in the US:

  • June 1 for the August (Fall term).
  • November 1 for the January (Spring term).

Selectivity: Selective

Percent accepted: 66%

Percent who actually enrolled: 38%

College Expences

Application Fee: $20 (fee waiver available under certain conditions)

Total annual cost of attendance: about $22,041

Tuition and fees: -In state: $7,557 -Out of state: $5,036

Room and Board: $1,768

Other required expenses (books, supplies): $3,500

Financial Aid

Financial aid is avaiable

Financial aid forms: FAFSA

Percent of undergraduates receiving financial aid: 72%

Activities Offered


  • Football
  • Women's Swimming
  • Ice Hockey
  • Men's Hockey
  • Women's Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Etc...


  • Chemistry Club
  • Dental Hygienic Club
  • Make Your Own (Option)

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