Mrs. Mayes

"Shiloh's not getto you are"

Dear Mrs. Mayes,

  This is Rajin - your student from 2015. I'm positive you currently remember me, I am writing this to tell you what a great teacher you are and how much your class prepared me for high school.

   Your class was the first social studies class I ever took serious so far in my life. You made me work for my grade because in most classes I have had in the past I would be able to get through with out studying or preparing. Another thing that I really will remember about what you said is that you can be an engineer but that doesn't mean you are a good one. Along with having teaching strategies that make learning fun your stories taught all of your students valuable lessons. You were also a very understanding teacher and you only wanted my class to learn. As you say continuously "you don't have to like me but you will learn."

    I know you will continue to be a wonderful teacher for years to come and for the next generation.



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