The Skelligs Project

Official Book Launch

After months of hard work, its finally ready to show to the world.

In the summer of 2012, Eoghan Kavanagh & Evan Payne launched a project to create a book, a film, and a series of prints, all portraying the Skellig Islands, off the west coast of Ireland.  Eoghan's career as a landscape photographer had been leading up to a large project like this, and the artistic nature of Evan's films set the stage for a collaboration.

The project was partially funded by small donations from backers across the globe, and the two set out to the remote rocks off the County Kerry coastline.  They were allowed full access to the island, even staying overnight, and they used the opportunity to gather photos and footage of every nook and cranny of the astounding place, from the 13th century monastery, to the 18th century lighthouse ruins, to the flora and fauna unique to the treacherous slopes.  In the process a bond was formed between them and the Skelligs, the essence of which is captured in their newly released Book.

The Skelligs includes words by Evan Payne and photos by Eoghan Kavanagh, and comes with a free Dvd of the film by Evan and some extras.  Prints from the project are available at the website:

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Available now at the Skyline Gallery in Kenmare and online at

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