Key Factors Affecting Your Hardness in Bed

In the last couple of decades, researchers have been able to find link with good health and sexual activity. Needless to explain, when a man’s blood vessels are healthy and elastic and his brain and heart are functioning well, his erection is hard enough. When his neural connections are proper and nitric oxide is being released in abundance, testosterone levels are normal and weight is under control, he has the ability to gain and keep hard rock erection. However, once a man is prone to mental and physical conditions, he is not likely to lose on his erectile capacity.

Age-the Biggest Factor in Man’s Love Life

From ongoing experience and researches on hardness in bed, now many of us are able to conclude that the decline in hardness is often attributed to aging, sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition. That is right! When you were teenager, erection would appear just by thinking about it. Even it appeared just after seeing a beautiful girl or lady on the way. At 21, it was not a big problem to put on condom, as the male organ was literally as hard as steel. That time male organ was full erected and even pointed upward. Now by 40 years, the storey might have changed for you. With the passage of time, things have been changing for you, then why not this male organ? Yes, age affects almost everything including your brain, memory, bone system, testosterone level and of course erections in bed.

Other Factors

Okay, age is one of the biggest predators for your erection in bed; there are many other factors as well. As you may know, testosterone levels start to decline slightly in the 40s and the arousal system becomes weak or slow. Direct touch to the skin of the organ may be required to get you aroused in 40s and 50s. Your partner may have to take the lead here to provide more caressing of the penis to cause arousal. This time around, ejaculation takes longer and may stretch to 20 minutes or more. In addition, body fat and increased weight, depression, mood swings, decreased muscle strength, hormonal changes, sleep disorders and many other issues also cause impotence.

As the scientists and researchers believe, there is a powerful link between failing erections and common medical ailments like obesity, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, depression, sleep disorders, diabetes, and heart disease. Both including mental and physical health conditions contribute to the intensity of erectile dysfunction.

Is Kamagra a Viable Hardness Solution?

Although there are many hardness solutions like doing regular exercises, eating sex-boosting foods, avoiding alcohol and smoking and controlling stress. However, the best way to restore hardness is to use kamagra tablets along with natural ways for erectile dysfunction. Kamagra jelly or just simple kamagra tablets contain sildenafil, which improves the flow of blood in the body and thereby improves the quality of erections.