my springbreak
Cole C

My name is Cole and I really only care about lacrosse. But I’m also a runner and a wrestler and i used to play baseball. But my spring break was pretty lame because I have no friends. Well I did get to hang out with one of my friends/teammates on Monday and Tuesday, we mainly played lacrosse outside and inside. But after that I really just stayed in my room playing Pokémon and watching it on Netflix. Then on Thursday I went to my dad’s house, which lives on Newman Lake. While at his house I shot on goal a lot but on Saturday we went to go play bingo down town. After we finished with bingo I went to go play airsoft with some people from my youth group. On Sunday I watched some MLL games with my dad and then went out to the polo fields in airway heights to line the fields for my lacrosse league. #springbreak #kettner #tech41