Healthy Choices

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Course: ED 22 - Instructional Technology       Semester: Fall 2014

Butler Community College

Dr. Shellie Gutierrez, EdD, PhD

Curriculum-Framing Questions

Essential Question

How do our food choices affect our health?

Content Questions

What is energy? and how does our body receive and release energy?

What foods are we eating?

What exercises can be done in the classroom, in the playground, and at home?

What are measurements and quantities and why are they important in regards to food choices?

Lesson Summary

In this lesson the students will learn about healthy foods by reading, listening and making new recipes. The students will learn how energy is received and released, we will learn how to balance energy throughout the day by implementing appropriate exercise in the class, at home, and in the playground. During this lesson the students will chart the foods they consume, investigate the food groups and evaluate their own health choices. At the end of this lesson each student will create a plan to help themselves continue healthy choices.

Subject Areas

Science, Math, Language, Writing and Reading

Grade Level

K-2, ESL

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing.
  • Students will read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.
  • Students will understand the meaning of quantities and measurements.
  • Students will learn the importance of exercise.
  • Students will understand how their food choices affect their health.
  • Students will learn the flow of energy through our body.


  • Begin class with the Body Movement song.
  • Once the students have settled down into their seats, we will begin the lesson with energy. Discuss with the students what they think it is, what they know about energy, and where it comes from.
  • From this discussion we will conclude that energy comes from the food that we consume. Take a look at the food pyramid discuss the different food groups and what they do for our body. Read Gregory, the terrible eater.
  • Handout the Nutrition Chart Handout. With this chart the students will list the foods they have previously eaten the morning of, and if they can recall what they ate the day before. With the food they ate they will categorize what food group from the pyramid does it belong to. They will identify if their food choice is healthy or not, if no they will come up with a healthy food they can replace it with.
  • We discuss healthy snacks we can eat throughout the day instead of chips and soda. Read bits of Healthy Food for Young Children.
  • Split the class up into small groups, depending on the classroom size, to make a healthy snack. Attached below is the recipe to make Oatmeal/Chocolate snack cakes.
  • After prep. is done for the snack cakes we will take the trays into the kitchen to bake in the oven leaving a cook in charge of them while they bake and cool.
  • Return back to the class room while the cakes bake to continue on with discussion of nutrition. Allow students to explore Nutrition Glogster attached below. Answer questions if necessary.
  • Begin discussion on exercise. What do the students know about exercise? What does exercise do for us? Ask students what kind of exercises are appropriate for the classroom.
  • Students will then create a plan of healthy choices, including daily exercises and food choices, individually, using the Table creator. Once completed each student will present their plan to the class.
  • By this time cakes should be baked and cooled to enjoy.

Approximate Time Needed

  • Opening song- 5 min.
  • Energy discussion - 10 min.
  • Food group discussion - 10 min.
  • Nutritional Chart Handout - 15 min.
  • Prep time for snack cakes - 5-10 min. Bake time - 30 min. Cool time - 15 min.
  • Nutrition Glogster - 15 min.
  • Exercise discussion - 15 min.
  • Create plan - 15-20 min
  • Enjoy snack - 5-10 min.

Prerequisite Skills

Students must be capable of working individually and cooperate with others for group discussions and group activities. Students must be at a reading level to comprehend simple steps of a recipe. Students must have a basic understanding of measurements.

Materials and Resources


Computers, Internet Connection, and Printer

Printed Materials or Supplies

Books: Gregory, the Terrible Eater by Mitchell Sharmatt

             Healthy Food for Young Children by Henrietta Fordham

Ingredients for Oatmeal Snack Cake: Cooking Spray, whole-wheat pastry                          flour, rolled oats, baking soda, kosher salt, unsalted butter, melted and                  slightly cooled, eggs, packed light brown sugar*, unsweetened                              applesauce, semisweet mini chocolate chips

Internet Resources

Kids Can Cook     Nutrition Glogster     Nutritional Chart Handout     Table Creator

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

Special Needs Learner

For the student with special needs, extra time will be given if necessary, by me or the teacher. Allow frequent breaks between transitions to accommodate the child's needs.

Non-Native English Speaker

This classroom is a bilingual set class, all direction will be given out in both English and Spanish. For those who aren't English nor Spanish speakers more visual direction will be given.

Gifted Student

For those students who finish their prep for their cake snacks early an activity of appropriate exercises will be provided for them to enhance their learning for this lesson.

Student Assesment

The students will be assessed on their nutrition handouts and the plan they have created. Assessment will also take place while students prep their snack cakes, teacher will evaluate the measurements of the ingredients.

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