Module 1: What    do    you    really    know    about    our    planet

How much do you REALLY know and understand about the planet that you live on?  Please watch this video closely and take notes on the "ah-ha's" that you discover about our planet, solar system & universe.  (HINT: You will have a lot of "ah-ha's")  A few things to help you find your first few notable findings:

1) What do dead stars create?

2) What is "Plate Tectonics"?

**After you watch the video, what are some of the words that you heard that you were unfamiliar with?  Jot them down, and try finding out what they mean. Some of the words might have been:

Atomosphere - Vaporize -  Plate Tectonics - Astroids - Volume

Please make sure you have compiled your notes/vocabulary NEATLY into your Astronomy Journal under Lesson 1.