US History Movements

Kamran Haq

Prison and Asylum Reform

On a trip to a prison, Dorothea Dix noticed the cruelty of these horrid places. People were getting beaten, whipped, and sent there for the smallest of crimes such as owing someone $20. If that was bad the mentally ill we're getting worse, yet instead of being punished they should've been helped with their problems. Dorothea realized she had to take action which formed the prison and asylum reform. Other people started realizing what Dorothea was doing was right, so they joined her.

Although Dorothea wasn't the only person to fight against this, she was the most successful and popular. In a court case with the prison she visited, she won due to her reasons and explanations of how they treated their prisoners. This resulted in better treatment to the prisoners and help to the special ones. Her belief came true for one prison, but she and her group wanted to resolve this throughout America. So more court cases took place, even in different states. This made such a big impact that some states made laws for better treatment.


There were many kids living in poverty, without food, water, and shelter. The main cause of this was their lack of education and how society was indolent about it. School wasn't required for everyone, and people though of it unnecessary. Therefore teachers had low pay, it only lasted ten weeks a year, only teacher taught many people of different ages, and only the rich could afford more advanced education. These were the thoughts Prudence Candall and Horace Mann had.

They started to do something about this, so they created a more fair system which satisfied many but not all of these problems. Prudence and Horace along with other people decided that this system would give teachers higher pay, provide different levels of education, and establish more public schools. This worked out well, for white boys that is. A lot of people rejected women and African Americans, so this new education system built more schools especially for girls and African Americans. After Prudence Candall and Horace Mann passed away, more people were continuing their legacy by trying to establish as many public schools as they could for these poor people.


There were many problems Americans were facing, one if which was alcohol. Religious people were already after this problem, until more people stepped against temperance too in the early 1830's. They were seeing so many problems of alcohol and how it decreased the economy for people's health. Although the problem is a bit over exaggerated people still were fighting crazy against it. Most of these people were women.

If all women could do was stay home and take care of the kids, then why can't they also help with their husband's terrible addictions. This thought occurred to all females who were married, and people like Carry Nation were making big motivations. Carry Nation along with people that followed her, starting smashing a bar which caused her to go to jail. She also led many of these groups. Although they never made any changes to the law, they still fought and continued this until their goals finally came true. The first group fighting for temperance was named Women's Christian Temperance Union and this also advocated the idea for women's rights.


People were always against slavery even before the American Revolution. Although for some things it was required for the American people such as the cotton gin, but the people that were not blind could see the horrid torture and wrongness. Most of these people were religious, as these kind of acts would be punished by god. There were a lot of anti-slavery clubs being formed. The only problem was that it was only being resolved in the North.

Famous people that formed these clubs were Frederick Douglass who was a freed African American, and William Lloyd Garrison who was religious. Abolition didn't just try to give slavery freedom, but also let women speak for the first time. So much slavery was getting rid of in the North, but they couldn't do anything in the South due to their excessive needs of slaves. In fact they were getting so successful in the North, that areas there were shutting down slavery. As women kept pondering more about this, they noticed that them and slaves are very common. This started women's rights.

Women's Rights

As many women were all fighting for slavery, they all noticed they were being treated just as unfair as slaves were. Women were beaten by men, couldn't vote, and all they were forced to do was stay home and take care of the kids. Even at some conferences discussing movements against slavery, the women were forced behind the curtain while only the men could make the speeches. That's how Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton met. Together they both formed the first groups of Women's rights and started the movement

They delivered powerful speeches to women who were very inspired, although their friend Susan B. Anthony did most of the talking. The more this grew, the more the US government realized they had to do something to satisfy their needs. So laws were being passed, which guaranteed some freedom. Yet the laws being made still did not meet their demands, so women kept fighting. Due to this, hope was being arisen for women and they kept rebelling until they were equal as men.


After going throughout all these movements, my family and I have chosen to join the movement for education. Kids are dying in poverty, because they can't get a job due to their lack of education. Also only rich people can learn the best, which is unfair because education should be provided to everyone. I'm not that rich, yet I still have kids and I want them to choose their own path and destiny, while also knowing what lies ahead. Finally, I feel really bad for the teachers due to their lack of knowledge, payment, and space. I mean it must be so frustrating teaching kids of different ages something you hardly know yourself. All I know is if my kids want to be a teacher something has to be done to give them a successful life.

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