Janine Antoni is a contemporary artist who was born January 19, 1964, in Freeport, Bahamas. She creates work  in performance art, sculpture and photography. She often uses her body as a tools to paint, like her mouth, eyelashes and hair.

In her work "Gnaw" Antoni uses her mouth to carve 2 600 lb cubes, one made of chocolate, the other of lard. She used the chewed up bits to create chocolate boxes and lipstick tubes.

In her work "Loving Care" she uses her hair and hair dye to paint the gallery floor.

This is her work "Butterfly Kisses". Here she used her eyelashes that were covered in mascara to paint the canvas

In her work "Lick and Lather" she made 14 busts, 7 made from chocolate and the other 7 from soap. Then she re-sculpts the bust by eating them (choclotate) and bathing herself (soap).

This is her work "Tear". She made a wrecking ball from lead and then used it to demolish a building synchronised with the blinking of her eyelid.

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