The Truth of Gatsby's Life and Death

by T. M. Whittier

It was a hot summer day in August when it happened.  Mr. Gatsby was killed in his home by Mr. Wilson, the mechanic that worked in the Land of Ashes.  It was believed that in his grief, Wilson killed Gatsby for the murder of his wife, Myrtle, who died after being ran over by a yellow car owned by Mr.Gatsby.  In recent articles, Gatsby has been portrayed as a villainous bootlegger who killed his mistress to cover up his devious deeds, but is that the truth in this story?

After finding his body, the police concluded that Wilson killed Gatsby out of grief. That might not be the case here. Several days before his wife's death, Wilson was believed to have thought that his wife was having an affair.  His neighbor, Michaelis, stated that Wilson was paranoid when he showed him the dog collar made of leather and silver.  It was also noted that he was planning on moving west with his wife.  On the day of the shooting, Wilson went missing for several hours before he made his way to Gatsby Manor.  However, there were several witnesses that saw him at the Buchanan Mansion in East Egg.  It isn't known for the reasoning of this visit.  Wilson was investigating his wife's affair before her death. It's assumed that Gatsby was having the affair with his wife, however, Myrtle's sister, Catherine, gave a statement saying that Myrtle never had an affair with him and only knew of him through his lavish parties.  To further prove this, a dog seller in New York remembers selling her a dog while she was with a man that has an uncanny resemblance to Tom Buchanan.

Tom Buchanan seems to be an important person in the truth of this story. The murderer of Gatsby was seen at his house on the day of the murder. He was possibly seen with his mistress Myrtle Wilson.  Upon further investigation, its been shown that Mr. Buchanan didn't have a friendly relationship with Mr. Gatsby.  Ms. Baker, the golfer, has said that he did an investigation on Gatsby's life and that he also never approved of Gatsby because he lived in West Egg. West Egg was seen as the place where new money families came to live. Mr. Buchanan believed that they were all bootleggers.  It seems that Mr. Buchanan isn't as clean as he'd like everyone to believe.

It's been assumed the Gatsby drove the car in the accident, but was it really him?  Witnesses in The Plaza saw Gatsby and  Mrs. Buchanan leave the hotel together after what appeared to be an argument with Mr. Buchanan.  It was also seen that Mrs. Buchanan didn't return to her home until well after the accident.

Mr. Gatsby has been portrayed as a villainous man, but is he really?  His father was spotted at his son's funeral. Upon asking the man about his son, he revealed that his son ran away to make something of himself. It was also revealed that his son had visited him two years ago and had bought the house the he currently lives in now. Would a villainous bootlegger do all of this?

Mr. Gatsby has been perceived to be many things in his life and death. He was a mysterious man with many stories about him in his life. In his death, he is a villainous bootlegger.  He is claimed to have been a bootlegger who killed his mistress. Is that the truth or is it just a production of lies

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