Photoshop CS6

My Independent Study- Joshua Hewlett

Why I chose Photoshop

Last year I was in multimedia, and a lot of kids were talking about photoshop.  A lot of people added pictures made in photoshop, and it added a cool affect to their final video.  I never got around to learning it, so I decided that this was a good time.

What I wanted to learn

Since this was the first time I had ever used photoshop, I decided to learn the basics.  This includes how to import a picture, and most of the basic tools.  I also wanted to do a small project, so that I could practice using the tools that I learned about

The Layout

So when you open up photoshop, this page comes up.  At first it's just blank here, but then can click file, open, and then select the file or picture you want to upload.  At the top of the screen there are different tabs, so you can work on more than one picture at a time, or take one part of a picture and add it to another.  You can even blend them together to where you are able to see both images.

On the left side of your screen is where all the tools are.  This includes the lasso tool, the magic wand tool, the crop tool, the slice tool, the paint tool, the blur tool, and many more.

Over on the right is all the layers.  If you add on lots of pictures and effects, it can get pretty confusing, so you can manually select what parts you want to see so that it can be easier for you to edit different parts

The Tools

So, on the left side of the screen, there are lots of tools to choose from, so I decided it would be best to get to know the majority of them.  Starting at the top is the Move Tool.  This is just what it sounds like and can use this to move pictures of parts of pictures around.  Next is the Rectangle Marquee Tool.  You can use this to select rectangular parts of pictures.  Using the Lasso Tool, you can manually draw on the picture to cut out different parts.  The Magic Wand Tool is interesting because it selects a color depending on what you click on, so if the background is all the same color, then you take delete the background and add something new.

The Crop Tool is used to crop out different parts of pictures.  The Eyedropper Tool can change the color of whatever you click on, and whatever surrounds that.  The Healing Brush Tool can take away any scratches or flaws.  This can be helpful if you are doing a make-up shoot, and you can take away any imperfections.  Using the Gradient Tool, you can change the foreground and background color scheme.  If you make a mistake, you can use the Eraser Tool.

What I did to show what I learned

To show what I learned, I found two pictures, a car and a strawberry, and changed the color of the car.  It went from white to a strawberry red.

I did this by cutting out a part of the strawberry by using the lasso tool and then pasted it onto the car.  Then I made it shaped into the shaped of the car with the eraser tool.

How can Photoshop CS6 help you later?

Surprisingly, there are many jobs that use photoshop like photographers, web designers, and graphic designers.  An advertiser can use photoshop too.  But really, photoshop can be used for almost any job in the marketing industry.  Whether its make an ad for a product, or making your business card more appealing.  Photoshop can help you in many ways.

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