The Mongol Empire

Origin: Central Asia; 1200-1368 AD

Rulers: Genghis Kahn Kublai Kahn

Geographic Expansion: China, Korea, Russia, Persia

Achievements: Created safe trade routes such as The Silk Road connecting Europe and Asia which led to increased cultural exchanges.

Impact on Regions of Expansion: Towns and cities destroyed and new ideas and inventions introduced

Reasons for Collapse: Military Losses, Overspending, High Taxes, Famine, Ineffective Rulers, Rebellion

The Travels of Ibn Battuta & Marco Polo

The Expansion of the Mongol Empire

The Mayan Empire

Origin: Central America, 250-900 AD

Leaders: Yax Pac, Pakal

Geographic Expansion: Central America (Mexico, Guatemala)

Economic Contributions: Agricultural Products (Maize, Beans, Squash)

Impact on Regions of Expansion: Spread agricultural practices, city-state form of government, developed writing system

Decline: Overpopulation and soil depletion led to starvation, warfare

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The Gupta Empire

Original Geographic Location: South Central Asia, 320-540 AD

Significant Leaders: Chandragupta II, Samudragupta

Regions of Geographic Expansion: Indian Subcontinent

Economic Contributions: Agricultural Products (Rice, Cotton, Sugar Cane) and Trade Routes into Southeast Asia and China

Impact on Regions of Expansion: Spread of Buddhism and intellectual advancements such as medicine, concept

Reasons for Collapse: Weak Rulers, Civil War, Foreign Invaders

The Roman Empire

Original Geographic Location: Southern Europe, 509 BC-476 AD

Significant Leaders: Julius Caesar, Augustus, Constantine

Regions of Geographic Expansion: Northern and Western Europe, Middle East

Economic Contributions: Had protected trade routes that brought goods from Asia (Spices, Cotton) and Africa (Ivory, Gold, Animals)

Impact on Regions of Expansion: Treated conquered people justly but later had forced slavery, spread of Latin and Christianity

Reasons for Collapse: Invasion, Political Turmoil, Overwhelming Taxes, Civic virtue no longer valued

Islamic/Muslim Empire

Original Geographic Location: Southwestern Asia, 600-1919 AD

Significant Leaders: Abu Bakr Saladin, Suleiman the Magnificent

Regions of Geographic Expansion: Western Europe, North Africa,Western Asia, Middle East

Economic Contributions: Focal Point of Trade between Africa, Asia, and Europe

Impact on Regions of Expansion: Spread of religion, scientific thought, and classical culture, fair treatment of conquered peoples such as giving them opportunity to serve in the government and the practice of religious tolerance.

Reasons for Collapse: Internal political conflict and threat from foreign enemies

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