University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA is located in one of the most influential cities in the world, Los Angeles, California.

( location: Los Angeles, CA 90095)

'As a UCLA student, you'll spend plenty of time going to class, studying and building  great academic foundation. But you'll also have lots of hours that won't be "book time". This is when you'll have a chance to meet new people , learn about things you'll never find in the lecture hall and have a lot of fun.' In addition, an UCLA student has over a 1,000 campus clubs and organizations to choose from. A student might find an experience like community service and leadership opportunities that will give them an edge after graduation and help you become a contributor and a leader anywhere.

The reason i choose the college, UCLA is because it just a beautiful place. UCLA also has diversity, student organizations, artistic and cultural offerings, a world-class research university, and basically I could go on and on forever, but those are some of my favorite reasons why I choose this college.

students, alumni and friends have been honoring and contributing to Bruin traditions. Some UCLA traditions can be traced to the early 1920s, when the campus was known as the Southern Branch of the University of California.

'UCLA’s colors are blue and gold. The university’s colors were chosen to represent the state’s various attributes: Blue to symbolize the ocean, and local wildflowers. Yellow to reflect the Golden State, the California poppy and sunsets.'

Click the video above to watch what life is like on campus at this university!

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Great job. Nice information and informing ppl to go to that college.

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Good job! I liked how you included what student life is like!