Crazy Horse


Crazy Horse!!! The name was given as a complete honor. He also should be remembered by all Americans. He was a folk hero, amazing warrior and loving dad, with one of the best monuments in the U.S.A!

Early life

Crazy Horse was born in Bear Butte, which is now Black Hills, South Dakota. He was part of the Ogallala Sioux. He was small with short, curly hair. Therefore, he got called Curly. His exact birth is unknown.

One night, when he went to bed, he saw a vision of him leading Lakota, Pawnee, and Cheyenne warriors into battle. The next day his chief died and he was only seven. That lit up a flame inside him that would one day be,… CRAZY HORSE!!!!!


Crazy horse lived his adult life fighting the U.S. against Indian reservations. He was a shirt wearer, war chief of the Lakota Sioux, and was Black Elk and Red Clouds second cousins. He also has his own monument in the Black Hills, South Dakota

He took parts in many battles such as the Grattan Massacre, Cheyenne Massecre, Battle at Rosebud, Battle of Black Buffalo, and, last but not least, BATTLE OF LITTLE BIGHORN. He took parts in those battles he was amazing with an axe. He could twirl it up over his head than throw it 35 yards and hit the target. His axe was made of buffalo bones and was coded in stolen U.S. steel.

He was remembered as a warrior for his skill, bravery, able to not surrender in the worst circumstances, and pure goodness. Not many know the strong, loving warrior that is…..CRAZY HORSE!!!!!!!!!


This was the photo essay of a great warrior. A folk hero. A loving dad. The most famous Indian at little bighorn. The most remembered Native American!!!!! Crazy Horse