Safety in Football

Safety in football is a growing concern amongst former players, current players, coaches, and parents of young children playing the sport or thinking of playing the sport. The future of football lies in the ability of those who oversee the rules of the game, to implement additional safety measures and apply no rules that guard for serious injuries.

Recently the NFL and a large group of former players settled a multi-billion dollar lawsuit in favor of the former players, in compensation for head injuries caused by their playing careers. Head injuries are becoming a common occurrence in the NFL, and it is started to have an effect on the amateur level as well. Many parents who played in college or professionally are publicly declaring that they will not let their children play football because of what it has done to them.

While the NFL attempts to sort out how they can improve the safety, in the mean time, as players, there are some things you can do to protect yourself. First, do not lean in with your head. Tackle with your should and protect your head when you have the ball.

Ryan Michael Kuhn of West Palm Beach is a graduate of Cornell University. He graduated with a degree in Applied Economics and Management. During his time at Cornell, he played for the school football team where he was the starting quarterback during his junior and senior seasons. He is one of the 11 quarterbacks in NCAA history to post 1,000 yards passing and rushing in the same season. He amassed a 9-6 win/loss record as the school's starting quarterback. He is currently the manager of International Craft Beer Distribution LLC.

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