Will GPS Kill The Signs?

Global Positioning Service has been reaching people to destinations alright, well, almost. Over the years that it has been functioning, it can be readily understood that GPS wouldn’t have to solve our problem without the presence of road signs. The road signs, on the other hand, have been a trusted way to reach from point A to point B since the 20’s.

GPS has definitely killed a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the roads but to completely forego the satisfaction of a physical sign cannot be deemed at any point of time. The GPS which is most useful for the military and other special services for a mission is not as much useful for the common man except helping us reach our destination, somewhat.

Road safety signs on the other hand, will never cease to lose its importance. The GPS is being utilized optimum by the bigger players like NAVTEQ who are developing 3D representations of the road in their applications. They have the influence to change our perspective of the world and make us take unseen turns. We can rely on a road safety sign only because they are a proof that somebody was physically present there to make sure the road are safe and leads to a preferred end.

GPS can be considered helpful when it is being used in the city or in areas of frequent visit. How can it be considered reliable on the highway or freeway without the existence of the safety signs?

A GPS is most supportive when we do not have the exact address of the newly opened Italian bistro or the newly rented flat of a friend. It has been used more and more by the businesses as a form of marketing and making themselves more available over the internet. Without the road signs, it will be difficult to not only to make sure that we are in the correct position but also help in the building of the GPS signs.

With Google Maps, you can make your business well accessible in the click of a button. But what they ask for is the nearest landmark or the assurance of being a safe zone. The continuation of the function of the GPS is totally dependent on the availability of the road signs. They have the capability to just polish them and give a better service to its customers not erase them completely.