Types of cookies:


  • Crispy: use a higher portion of white sugar to brown sugar, use butter, and replace eggs with milk.
  • Chewy: use bread flour, a higher portion of brown sugar to white sugar, and refrigerate dough before baking to prevent spreading.
  • Soft: use more brown sugar, shortening, and eggs


  • Sugar: Gives cookies a lightly browned color and a sweet flavor. Sugar also makes a sugar more or less tender depending on which type of sugar is used. Whether it is white sugar, brown sugar, or powdered sugar; they all effect cookies.

Safety and Sanitation

Although cookies do is VERY good, it should not be eaten, especially since it contains eggs which can cause the food-borne illness called salmonella. Also, cookies need to be cooked thoroughly to also prevent salmonella.

Cooling and Storage

After taking cookies out of the oven, let them cool down a little then transport them on to a cookie sheet until they can completely cooled.  Crisp and soft cookies should be stored in separate containers or crisp cookies will tenderize and soft cookies will become crispy

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