Brighton Beach Memoirs by arlet copado

the great depression

The great depression was a long lasting downfall of the Western industrialized world. The great depression started right after the stock market shock of October 1929. Over a period of time businesses started to get slower and many people became unemployed. Those who were employed still had to face problems with low wadges. Many people had to buy credit and soon went into dept, and after a matter of time foreclosures rose. The road of recovery started when the south made dams for hydroelectric projects making permanent jobs that employed about 8.5 million people in 1943. After a while the economy started to improve a little per year.

penn university

Pennsylvania state university was a public state research university threw out pennsylvania. Penn state was founded in 1855 containing a threefold mission of teaching, resaerch and public services.Tuition was $400 in the 1930s witch room on board costin $520, books being $35, and clothings being about $260.the major diffrences of colleges back then and colleges today is that they are way more expensive and the technology has gotten more advanced for research and other needs. The mascot of this university is a quacker.

Living by your self is pretty hard like in the 1930s you had to support yourself if you where going to leave your hometown and your family. for example the price of gas was 17 cents per gallon. Food was less or sometimes more than a dollar that was a lot back then in the 1930s since the minimum wadge was low. Examples would be eggs 18 cents for a dozen, bacon being 38 cents, ham for 27 cents, and potatoes 18 cents per pound. The cost for cars in the 1930s for ford was about 400-500 dollars.

Stan's apology letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim

Here is the letter you have requested ever since i did the awful mistake of sweeping dirt onto you shoes. I am dearly sorry that i had done that to man of such power in my work place. It was just an awful mistake of me and really unprofessional to just lose my top off like that. I really hope you can have some gratitude for me and let me come back to my rightful work place.

You should hire me back because of the effort I have greatly put in ever since you first hired me. I have never, only this one time, have given you attitude. I promise that i will always be on time no matter what, the only delays would be when i have a major crisis on my hands. I will always respect you and i will make sure all you desires for this work are fulfilled

So i am sincerely sorry that i got out of my please. i humbly ask if you can give me my job back. I promise i will do my best and will always follow the rules you have for me. Thank you for your time sir and one last time i am very sorry.

Broadway show

School of rock the musical! A preview would be showing in November 2nd 2015 and the opening will be on December 6th 2015. The place of the broad way show will be in 1634 Broadway New York. NY. The cost of the tickets are not yet available but you can put in your email on the Broadway website and they will email you when tickets are available. 

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