Voodoo Dolls – Gifts To Add Some Mystic Charm To Your Relationship

Looking for a gift that can bring some added magic to your relationship? Or maybe you need a present that can spark love and affection between you and the receiver? What if I suggest that you give away a set of voodoo dolls to that loved one that you so wish impress?

I know what you are thinking – the gesture will be potentially relationship suicide! Isn’t Voodoo associated with dark magic – evil spells meant to hurt and take revenge?

You are not entirely wrong in thinking this! Dolls used in the art are often enchanted to mirror a person of interest that is meant to be influenced with the magic. The art then uses magic and spiritual power to harm or hurt the enemy that the doll is representative of. Thus the use of needles and pins..

But Voodoo dolls are much more than a revenge seeking mechanism for the sadistic. The art is as old as the African civilisation from where it originates and is also used to bring luck, love and happiness. So if you do plan to gift them to a loved one, you will not be making a mystical mistake.

The blame for perpetrating these misconceptions can be laid upon the media. Television programs, movies and other literary works of fiction have quite literally labelled voodoo dolls as evil but reality is far from this! In fact, it is a documented fact that they are meant to provide protection from harm and generate luck and love. In ancient traditions, they were even construed as symbols of happiness. The practice involves using magic to get in touch with pagan deities and kindred spirits. Prayers and spells are used to appease them and to catch their attention. And once you earn their favour, you can ask them for their blessings to have your endeavours fulfilled. The dolls are used as representatives of the person that you seek to influence with Voodoo magic. The spirits and deities are directed towards the dolls and their magic thus reaches the influencee by means of the dolls.

It is believed that the art of Voodoo originated from the ancient tribes of Africa but evidence exists of similar practices in many other cultures. Even the Chinese are thought to be practitioners of magic that used human like figurines as channels for their spells and power. Haiti and some native American tribes also use similar practices to appease their Gods. Overall, Voodoo has a long and diverse history that comes from centuries of faith in a higher power.

Now, for the gift..

Voodoo dolls are available in gift sets as well as in the form of everyday use articles. They often come complete with a set of needles and even a practice book. You can also buy voodoo doll key chains, wall hangings and decorative pieces. Gifting these dolls to a loved one means giving them luck, success, happiness and blessings – which is pretty much ALL that you desire for them out of your love and affection. If you wish to buy Voodoo dolls as gifts, Myfavoritecity.com is the website you should be visiting.

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