My topic is on bullying and Cyberbullying this is a cause of suicide world wide and many people need to be informed so that they can help someone that is a victum of these harassments and so that they can inform others the affect it has on a person .

   STATISTICS -According to the center for disease control and prevention (CDC) about 4,400 young people kill themselves every year about 7% high school students attempt suicide and  more than 14% thought about it .Cyber bullying allows an aggressive attacker to publicly ridicule a victim and disseminate rumors quickly .Such emotions and experiences can further affect depressed individuals,increasing there feelings of worthlessness .In the case of Kirk and Laura  describe how their 11 year old son Ty killed himself after being bullied and in several  well published cases targeting teens have been adults .

   STRATEGIES- This abuse happens less in class rooms but in areas where student are alone such as :during passing periods ,cafeteria ,playground,restrooms etc..... Some strategies schools have Incorporated are less time during passing periods , securities in there schools ,teacher out in the hall during passing periods and teachers at lunch

THEORIZING 3 TYPES OF RACIST AND HOMOPHOBIC BULLYING - Most people think of bullying as an issue in a school or behind a computer screen but  the harassment of a person trewords another can also occur at a job. A-positional bullying B- counter-positional bullying C- unintentional conspirative types of bullying .In my articles it has explains how white gay males are less discriminated than those who are colored gay males and how there has been bullying at their jobs because of this

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