Summer Vacation 2014


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This summer was like no other.  After school got out my dad surprised my sister, brothers and I, and told us on June 16 we were going on vacation! We found out we were going to Venice, Italy!! Once we got there we got to our hotel put all of our suitcases down and then went to explore. One day we went on a gondola and there will be a video of someone  singing below. On the 4th day there my dad surprised us with something aunts and uncles were coming to Venice for my grandparents 50th anniversary! Then we found out we were going on a cruise to 4 Greek islands...that was the best trip EVER! For the rest of the summer we had soccer games but we went on another trip to... HAWAII!! We were there for a week and a half but had to come home because school started 😕

MaKenzie C.

On a family vacation in the coolest place EVER!!!! This is half my room
On a beach in hawwaii

Man singing on gondola

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