Repping or Nah ?

     Hello. My name is Thomas Jefferson but, every calls me Long Tom because, that's just what I am ! I am more than six feet tall. I am a twenty-six year old with red hair.

    When I was twenty-four I decided to begin practicing law in Virginia. I served in Virginia House of Burgess for seven years. In 1776 I plan to draft the first version of the Declaration of Independence. If that go well than I should be Appointed Secretary of state by George Washington, in 1789. I dream to became president one day and if I did my calculations right (which I'm sure I did) I should be in the office by at least 1801. See I have a journal where I have everything planned out inside of it. I want to Authorize the purchase of Louisiana from France. Well I'll be back my wife's got dinner on the table !

    Okay, I'm done. *Rubs belly and licks lips* Boy, I'll tell ya ! If my wife does not make the best fried chicken and fried rice, we've got some serious talking to do ! Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't introduced you to my wife. Her name is Martha Waynes Jefferson and she is the love of my life. She is the mother of my five kids. Their names are Martha, Mary, Lucy, Peter, and Jane. I really love her to death ! .... and her chicken ! Ooooouuhhhhh Lord ! I guess that's it for now, I'm craving for seconds !

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