Paul Bunyan

Olivia Garris, Core 1

-Paul Bunyan is Americas best known folk hero.

-Some of the older men claim to have known him or been members of his crew.

--Paul Bunyan stood 7 ft tall

-Bunyan's great size and strength supposedly enabled him to clear North Dakota f its forrest and to dig out lake superior.

-The earliest reliably dated reference to Paul Bunyan comes from logging camps north of tomahawk during the winter of  1885-1886. Charles Brown heard them from a retired camp foreman in oshkosh in the early 1890's and by the opening years of the 20th century they were known in logging camps from coast to coast. They were first mentioned in print in the Duluth Evening News August 4th 1904, and a handful were printed in the oscoda press (oscoda Michigan) on august 10, 1906.

-The first group to reach a large audience appeared in the Milwaukee-based nature magazine, The Outers Book, in February 1910; these were printed in the washington post and the Wisconsin  State journal.

-The first books of Bunyan tales were promotional brochures issued by the Red River Lumber Company of Minneapolis in the editions of about 5,000 copies in 1914, 1916 and 1922.

-The Bunyan stories were described as "fakelore"  

Key Ideas and Details
1. a) According to Sandburg, what is the origin of the Paul Bunyan stories?
~~~ in the old logging pioneer times
b) Interpret: What does Sandburg mean by saying that "some of Paul is old as the hills, young as the alphabet"?
~~~That his stories are old but they are still told in this time 2014.
Key Ideas and Details
a) classify: Identify two actions that show that Paul Bunyan is clever as well as strong.
~~the story says that he cleared out full forrest and dug out a hole for lake superior.
b) Connect: How do these qualities relate to the myth of the heroic character?
~~~It shows the amazing strength this man had.
Key Ideas and Details
a) How does Paul Bunyan stop the rain?
~~One year it rained from st. Patricks day to July 4th, Bunyan was disgusted because his party was ruined. He dived into Lake Superior and swam to where a solid pillar of water was coming down. He dived under this pillar, swam up into it and climbed with powerful swimming strokes, was gone about an hour, came splashing down and as the rain stopped, he explained, "I turned the darn things off." This is told in the Big North Woods and on the Great Lakes, with many particulars.

Integration of knowledge and ideas
a) Speculate: Do you think the Paul Bunyan stories might have been based on a real person?
~~yes i do
b) Hypothesize: What type of person in today's world might inspire this kind of story?
~~~ Maybe a logger maybe? or a very large person
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
a) Why would a lumberjack have been a hero in frontier America?
~~~because that was the main job back in those days....and if you were a good lumberjack then you were "famous"
b) What qualities does Paul Bunyan share with todays heroes?
~~~None that i know of

Summary of the text
It asks who gave birth to the myth Paul Bunyan? It describes Bunyan and his strengths, and it told about his younger years, and what happened with the blue ox, and the blue snow, and that it froze the pacific ocean. Then one year it rained from St. Patricks day all the way to July 4th and the rain ruined paul's celebration so paul went and jumped in lake superior and stopped the rain.

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