Life is a Mountain

My life is a mountain,

Climbing up everyday.

There are valleys,

And hills, slopes to descend down.

There are always going to be ways,

To keep climbing.

Life is a climb, that we continue,

To climb every single day.

There will always be ways,

To continue getting better.

No one is perfect, they climb the same,

Mountain we all do. We will always,

Continue to get better, always continue,

To climb. Your mountain may look huge,

And tall, but before we know it we will be at,

The top looking down, at how far we've come,

In life. We won't always have great times,

W may hit a slick spot and fall down the,

Mountain but we get back up, and continue to climb.

What if we didn't have the opportunity to climb our,

Mountain, what would we do?

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3 years ago

Great poem! I love the purple chevron!