Federica Medici S&E Marketing Final

1. Movie Poster Evaluation
"Transformers 4: Age of Extinction"

I really like this poster. "Age Of Extinction" makes me think to something like destruction, loneliness, hugeness, and persistence. The sand makes me think the same. So, sand and subtitle are connected. People who know Transformers can recognize this poster immediately, the mask on the background is the most important thing about this movie. I think also that the 4 on the left of the mask is pretty good, they found a way for let people understand what movie is and what "number" is. This poster draws attention. Colors do their job, you see them everywhere and make you think about the last movies, if you watched them, or just they give you an idea of what is going to happen. If not, they give you a little idea what the movie is about, but not really. It makes people want to see the movie.

2. Movie Trailer Evaluation
"Need For Speed"

Need for Speed is an adaptation of the series of video games. Fans (like me) of these games want to watch this movie independently of the trailer, because we have an idea in our mind about it. I love the first sentence of the main character: "they took everything from me". He was in jail for something that he didn't do. Many people think that this trailer is too similar to the Fast and Furious one. I think it too, there are cars, a love story, fights, tuning, death, speed, revenge. The movie is about a revenge for a dead friend. Fast and Furious movies are the most famous of this kind of movies, so everybody connects all the new ones to those that are popular. Is long enough to let you understand the plot, and is similar to the other cars/adrenaline movies. The last scene is incomplete, you don't know what happened and you don't know why is he screaming. You want to know it. I like the music, it gives you the idea of power, strength and potency, but at the same time sadness and depression: this is the feel of the movie.

3. Top 3 marketing strategies movie marketers should use

Strategies for the movie promotion can change everything.

First of all, there are Trailer and TV commercials. These are the most important. With the trailer you give an idea about the plot, about the movie in general, and the genre. This leave people wanting more, they want to know and see more.

Technology is becoming always more important: during these days, socials like Vine, Instagram, and YouTube are one of the first things fans and people think about. They want to know more, know something about the actors and actresses, behind the scenes, mistakes during the making of the movie, or just funny things. People want to be part of the movie, they want to feel like they are friends with characters and people who worked on the movie.

With Facebook you post links, videos, pictures, status about the movie and the actors. People who want to see the movie can bring more people with likes and sharing. Facebook creates visitors and people who talk about the movie and maybe create conversations between fans. Also, you can connect Facebook with all the others socials as Instagram, Vine, and YouTube.

4. Think of your own idea for a TV show

"The Flow" is a new TV show about music, especially rap, underground, and hip-hop music. This show is based on singers, new and old, from all over the world. Most of them will be American, or English-speakers, but there will be also international artists. In these cases there will be a translator.

Is a new type of show, is interactive and above all is a way for discover the real life of these famous people. Indeed, there will be a person who will become "friend" and live with them for three days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. People will feel like they're living with the singers.

The person who will live with the singer(s) will be also the presentator of the show. Every week there will be a new episode: the mini-movie made with the artist and 30 minutes of interviews with him/her.

People on Twitter can ask questions (tweeting to the show's account) about everything: the most interesting and funny will be selected and asked.

People will discover everything, especially because these three days will be during specific and interesting days, like during a tour, the making of a video, or something original. It will be something different and funny.

It won't be too expensive, singers will do it for love and not for money.

5. Website for an amusement or theme park

Gardaland ( http://www.gardaland.it/resort-en/ ) is one of the most famous theme park in Italy and Europe.

The website is effective: you can find everything you need. I don't see any negative things. There is also the map of the park that you can print: you don't have to buy it. On this site you find also news and information about the hotel where you can stay if you want to visit the park for two days.

The only thing that is kind of negative is the expensiveness, but the park is well cured and clean. Also is safe and they need to control everything every day.

There is everything about prices. Also there are some promotions for families. With family tickets they give you a coupon for a meal (7 euros) is not too much but is always better than nothing.

If you want, you can buy two tickets (one for the park and one for the aquarium) at the same time, saving a lot of money. This promotion makes people want to go there and visit both places.

This website makes me think the park is absolutely fun and well organized.

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