A wall of a catacomb covered with hundreds of bones.

Abandoned underground burial sites discovery

By Lana King

ROME- Breaking news! Yesterday, over 30 ancient burial sites 20-65 feet under the streets of Rome have been accidentally rediscovered by a young archaeologist, Antonio Bosio.

These dark, narrow tunnels, called catacombs, stretch 350 mi long and some date back to the first century. Hundreds of thousands of skeletons line the walls and floor of the 3 ft wide maze like structures. There is not just one floor, some of the catacombs include multiple stories too.

Bosio claims that many of the catacomb entrances are blocked by landslides and mud. This explains why these vast tunnels have been forgotten. Bosio also told reporters,  "I was just out exploring the town and accidentally came across one of the few open entrances. I decided to walk in, and I immediately noticed the dead bodies;I contacted the police to let them know of my discovery right away."

Christian Martyrs and saints drenched in jewels lie deep in the tombs of the catacombs. Christian art is also covering some of the walls cluing that these are Christian burial sites. Instead of burying the dead underground, the Christians used to lay the dead to rest in catacombs. A priest from a local church stated, "It's very exciting to find this new information from our past. Maybe we can begin to use the catacombs once again."

After sending out a team of explorers yesterday, they found over 30 entrances just in Rome! The team is investigating these catacombs right now, and they will  be reporting back with more information this evening.

To get a more in depth view of the catacombs, watch this video.

This map shows some of the catacombs that will soon be open to the public.

Check out this encyclopedia entry for extra catacomb info.

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