Paths to Forever

2013 - 2014
Many relationships, problems, and triumphs throughout this year in publishing, Also filled with many wonderful memories.


Throughout this year I got to work and spend time with these ladies, we had lots of fun together and got to share many experiences. Above me we see Leah Jerusik on the far left, Jenna Ehman, Kay King, myself, and Sophia Helsing.


I spent a lot of time with Leah Jerusik and Sophia Helsing during Publishing. I developed an amazing friendship with these two girls and it still remains that way. Here's a picture of all three of us hugging, just expressing our love towards each other.


We worked with a program called Life touch throughout this year, lots of fun but also very hard and stressful! This is where we made our pages for the school's yearbook. There were many struggles through out the process but in the end it was all worth it!

Publishing Board- Problems

A problem I had through out this class was staying caught up with all of the deadlines and assignments. It was always difficult getting articles done and finishing up our pages by the end of the day. At the end of it, it was definitely worth it!


This is my HS and MS Spanish page for the yearbook. It was tough to finish this page, I needed to get pictures and finish the article by before the deadline, I stressed out a bit, but at the end I was very proud of my page.


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