End of Year Collage Project
By Jacob Garcia

Scholarship Persuasive Essay

    It’s a mad world out there but it would be a lot worse without the small percentage of good people. With the baffling amount of bad things in world we need this small group of good people to increase. Good people beat back the darkness and spread the feeling of kinship to others.

    The main reason the world needs good people is to force back the evil, impure, and unjust beings in the world. They do this by directly attacking foe or simply by doing good deeds in their everyday lives unknowing of their contribution to the world. Such as a sergeant risking his life to pull his trooper to safety or a child standing up for someone being bullied. Both of these are vastly different situations but they still involve good people doing what comes naturally. If these people had not done these things then an innocent man would have not gone on to live his life and a young child would have ended his life due to the pain caused by his bullies. The absence of good is a terrible thing that causes a domino effect which effects all.

    Kindness which is the basic material of all good is also contagious. When an average man or woman sees a truly good deed they are inspired to do the same and never forget the selfless act they witnessed. On a recent note there was a man in Baltimore who during the riots went to his parents’ store, and stood guard. He stopped anyone from looting and vandalizing the building. Eventually onlookers saw his struggle and joined him. If this man had not cared enough to go help, an old couple would have lost a business they had worked on for many years. This just one example of courage and bravery that has ignited the hearts of many.

    If good people didn’t exist the world would be similar to the movie “The Purge”. Anarchy would reign supreme and blood would run in the streets. Innocent people such as homeless people and anyone unlucky enough to be out late would be ruthlessly murdered. It would be a literal jungle where survival of the fittest would be law. Life would be barbaric and unbearable. This world would be ideal to anyone who believed that everything in life is best obtained be force.

    Good people contribute so much to the world that if they were gone it would leave void in the hearts of the whole world. Good people combat evil and inspire others to do the same. The heart of a good person is something that in my opinion is worth more than any amount of gold or silver in all of human history.

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom it May Concern

    I first met Jayla in my 9th grade English class. To be honest my first impression of her was fairly normal but little did I know I would meet one of the most imaginative, intelligent, and determined people i would ever have the pleasure of meeting. We were the only ones in our class without a partner for a assignment so naturally we were paired up together. I quickly realized that this was a person I would enjoy becoming friends with. That is also why I believe I am qualified to recommend her as an employee.

    Jayla is a outgoing but sometimes shy and quit person. She is always ready for work and will give everything she has into a assignment. If someone is lagging behind on anything she will aid and motivate them while also doing flawless work. I can personally confirm this.She offers stability, consistency, and above all else quality. I write this letter not only to persuade you to employ her but also to provide recognition for a talented young lady.

    As i have previously stated jayla is very intelligent and educated.She wishes to study what interest her and that of course is neuropsychology. She is logical and can use that in conjunction with her ability to see things from different angles. Both of these skills are best used in such a logical and scientific profession.

    I first hand have seen how much Jayla can achieve when engaged in a activity that she is passionate about. She becomes a natural disaster in the fact that nothing can stop her. She is hard work incarnate and shows it incredibly clearly. I without any hesitation or doubt recommend Jayla as a  neurophycologist.

    If you wish to contact me with further information on this dynamo of a woman my personal phone number is (562)-965-9320.


Jacob Garcia

Letter of Intent

                                                    Garcia, Jacob Albert                                                                                                            5264 Interchange Blvd                                                       El Paso, 79938    

May 23, 2015

Matt Hullum, Film Director                                                                                                    Producing                                                                                                                         1901 E 51st St                                                                                                                      Austin, 78723

Dear Matt Hullum

I have been  fan of your work for since middle school. Naturally, after witnessing your growth and progress as a company I feel as though I could contribute to any further growth. I have a affinity for animation and graphic design and it is my belief that you could use this fact to your advantage. For two years I been hoping to study animation at UCLA and become a employee of yours. To you I offer determination and a willingness to learn.

My overall goal is to become lead animator at your company. The person who inspired me was your friend the late Monty Oum.The way he would put so much effort and life into his work was just astounding. I wish to be able to do the same. At this point of my life I no experience with animation but believe me when I say I WILL learn.

You and everyone at Rooster Teeth have taught me that i dont need to be a genius or go to college and I have taken that lesson to heart. I have been and still am being shaped by your lessons. I can't thank you enough for simply just reading my name at the top of this letter.


Jacob Garcia


Jacob Garcia                                                                                                                         523-913-3536                                                                                                                       4658 Sunset Blvd                                                                                                                  JacobGarcia10076@gmail.com

Objective-I wish to obtain a position that allows me to create and imagine with no limitations.

Education-I spent years 2006-2008 at Williams Elementary, 2008-2009 at Chester Jordan, 2009-2011 at Hurshel Antwine Elementary, 2011-2014 at Rafael Hernando, 2014-2015 El Dorado 9th Grade Academy.

Job Experience-I have no job experience.

Skills-I am can be very determined if something intrust me, I enjoy learning, I can be very shy but will open up if people talk to me

Job Application

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