Shades of Meaning

Good writers select words with extreme care when writing to capture,engage and inspire their audience.  Watch carefully and see just how something is written can drastically impact how the message is received.  

Turn and Talk to your partner about what you've just seen.  How  did the 2nd writer change the message to add more intensity?

How can you change this sentence to make it more intense?
"I am very angry today."

Words have denotative or dictionary meanings along with connotative or emotional connections. Words can have positive, negative, or neutral connections. For example, the word giggle has a positive connotative meaning (laughing with)...while snicker has a negative connotative meaning (laughing at someone.)

Put the words in the correct order- (Mildest to Strongest)

Massive      Gigantic     Big

Scared     Frightened     Terrified

Damp     Wet      Drenched     Soaked

Let's Try One Together!

What would some more intense words be for the "mild" word MAD?  

Brainstorm with your group! (4-5 minutes)


Now let's try one on our own! Your homework for tomorrow is to select a word (either from your reading, or you can pick one from Mrs. Z's basket)  

Find and order other words that intensify your word to add stronger meaning behind it!  See below for examples: