5 Great Mobile Apps for Learning

1) iStudiez Pro

This tool can allow for students to stay on top of due dates, exams, and class schedules. The app reminds students when a due date, or test approaches by sending notifications and alerts. This can be very convenient within the younger grades when students may be forgetful of due dates or test schedules. This app can also help parents to know exactly when they child's homework is due, or when they should be preparing for an exam.

2) iBooks

This app provides an area where students can keep entire novels in one place. This can be used for several different approaches in all classes K-12. However the first, would be convenience. Educators can assign various novels without having to worry about there being enough, or even about the condition they're returned in. Another use, would be to improve reading comprehension in younger grades. Teachers can assign "reading responses", where a student may pick a novel from the app, and write short summaries about the point of the book they're at each week. This concept of reading responses may be used throughout all grades to determine the proper literacy levels of each students.

3) Toontastic

Toontastic is a mobile learning app that allows students to create their own short animated videos. This app is similar to Animoto, or GoAnimate. This app however, is aimed at lower grades (grades 6 and down), but can be used to help students articulate their knowledge on certain concepts. For example, a student could create a video about social studies topics such as the Native peoples of Canada, or European settlers. Making short videos about memory-based topics (such as Canadian history), help younger students to understand and memorize concepts more easily.

4) VoiceThread

VoiceThread is an app/website that allows individuals to talk, share photos, and documents creatively. Users can live chat with other users, draw on documents/photos, while making commentary about it simultaneously. This is a perfect learning tool for more shy students in the class room that may not feel comfortable collaborating in person. This app allows for these types of students to share ideas with the teacher, as well as other classmates without discomfort, while also still learning.

5) Narratavius Story Engine- Interactive Fiction and Text Adventures

Narratavius is an app used for create writing. However, rather than just typing, Narratavius give users various options to 'tap' from. This app can again be used for younger students (grades 9 and under) to improve literacy skills. In particular, this app can be used to assess a student's ability to formally write. By assigning short stories for students to write, teachers can better assess a student's literacy/writing level by seeing their progresses on the app.

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