By Caleb Hodge

Basics of Chile

Chile is very interesting when it comes to the country, not the food. The capital of Chile is Santiago and their main language is Spanish, mainly like other countries in Latin America. Its a narrow strip between Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Bordering it is Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. The population of Chile is 17,819,054.

Geography of Chile

One of the most famous landmarks is the island with every eye watching it, said to watch over the island and protect it, Easter Island! And the Andes Mountains are arguably the best landforms in Chile. Next to Chile is the Pacific Ocean, the major body of water around it or its coast.

The Chile Culture

The culture is somewhat similar to our culture. Mainly the women wear floral dresses and the teens/kids wear colored jeans and its quite normal to our clothing. Some popular music is cueca which they also dance to and tonada which they don't dance to. They have many holidays like us(because they are catholic). Food they eat oftenly is paila, marina, asado, and cola de mona. Most of Chile is Roman Catholic, what I mentioned above. They have a Republic government and they also import mainly petroleum and export copper, fish, fruit, paper, and pulp. They love to play futball or as we Texans call it soccer.