By: Nicholas Miller
Hour: 3

-Fico is a company that services Analytics and decision making, and credit scoring.

-Fico has targeted big companies in order to help with their decision making.

-Yearly, Fico gathers around $743.4 Million.

-Fico was created with Engineer Bill Fair, and Mathematician Earl Isaacs.

-First Headquartered at San Rafael then moved to San Jose California.

-Fico was originally created to give credit scoring.

-Fico was created in 1956 as Fair Isaacs And Company.

-Fico is Headquartered in San Jose California.

-26% of Fico employees work in Minnesota

-52% of Fico employees work in the U.S.

-48% of Fico employees work somewhere other than the U.S.

-About 1,000 to 5,000 employees work for Fico.

-Fico sold its first credit scoring in 1958, two years after it was created.

-Fico has also produced items like the Triad, Blaze Advisor, and Falcon Fraud.

-Fico affects Minnesota by producing decent decisions for big companies.

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