Useful tips on how to increase income, save money and buying the essentials

1. Students going to university may be able to get centrelink payment to help them out. Their is rent assistance that you can get from centrelink

2. You aren't always at university 24/7 so you can easily get a small job such as working in a cafe. Something small like that can get you a bit of money to help you out.

3. A health care card. Having a health care card will give you concessions on health care costs. This means that you can get cheaper prescription medicines through the pharmaceutical benefits scheme and medical services funded by the Australian Government. This card also gives you access to concessions provided by state and local governments as well as some private businesses, including household, education and public-transport costs.

4. You can help out family or friends by mowing the lawns or baby sitting once a week. This can pay for one nights dinner or something little.

5. You can do a small part time job on campus. There are a lot of little shops there and you can easily get a job in your break at university. This can be good money.

10 tips for saving money

1. If you drink, don't buy too much alcohol and drink it so often.

2. Don't go out for tea all the time and waste that valuable money. You can easily stay home and cook a cheap and easy meal.

3. Don't go out partying all the time it cost a lot!

4. Calculate how much you spend in a week, fortnight or month and work out what things you can eliminate to save that extra little bit of money.

5. Have a little jar or tin you put your spare coins in and build it up overtime and you will have a fair amount of money.

6. Make a budget. This is very, very useful.

7. Don't use credit cards. It's really easy to overspend and get carried away which leads to a waste of a lot of money.

8. Open an interest-bearing savings account. Easy to keep track of saving and earn some interest.

9. Before you buy something, ask yourself if you REALLY need it and don't waste your money on stupid things.

10. Take care of your possessions. Such as a phone. Don't break it or anything so you have to pay for a new one.

Where to buy your needs

When your in need of clothes, food or other important things, you need to know where to shop and where to get the cheap prices.

1. Aldi is an excellent shop to buy your groceries. It is really cheap and food is food, go for the cheap food.

2. There is a shopping center in Melbourne called Costco. You buy things in bulk, so if you want to buy fruit, I would recommend to go there. But make sure you buy wisely and don't waste anything or else it's not really a bargain.

3. There are a few cheap, cheap shops to buy clothes such as the op shops. Saint Vinnies, thrift shop, Salvos.

4. Only buy clothes if you really need them. If you see something nice and you want to buy it, think if you really need it or not. Don't go to expensive shops, go to the cheaper shops where you can get the same value.

5. Look for specials on food, meat especially.  Their is always great specials on meat, fruit and veges, so look out for them when you go shopping.

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