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Sierra Leone is one of three countries that are the most affected by the deadly virus, Ebola. This country can't figure out a way to contain the transmission of the virus. Many people die at home without having anyone to take care of them because the hospitals don't have enough beds for everyone. The virus is spreading so fast that, in Freetown, in Sierra Leone, only people presenting the most severe symptoms will be taken for treatment. As for the remaining ones, presenting only fever or body aches, they will go in a community care center to wait before they can be treated for Ebola. It's insane, how can we let a dying person wait in line to see him perish right under our nose!

Furthermore, many orphans have to figure out a way to survive alone because their parents were taken away from them by the virus. It's the case of Mahmoud Kamara, oldest son (15 years-old), that have to take care of his younger brothers and his only sister. Because their parents died from Ebola, the children have to live 21 days locked up from the world to see if they present symptoms and to prevent contamination if they do. They get money from the government and they have kind neighbours that give them food. There aren't enough orphanages to take care of every children so they have to take responsibility on their own and fight all alone. Unfortunately, they know that, even if the test is negative, their neighbours won't approach them thinking they are infected. It's sad to see that you can't even be accepted by your own country!

Can you imagine that even doctors get infected by trying to cure people? It's only a little example that shows how fast the virus can spread through a community like Sierra Leone. Finally, I think  we should help these countries that are deeply in need of money to build more hospitals or orphanages before the situation gets out of hand!

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