Inventions of the Industrial Revlotution

B. Theis

Telephone - 1875

Alexander Graham Bell

The biggest impact that the telegraph had on history was on communication. The telegraph revolutionized communication because instead of just being able to hear of it or read about it. Also it could be spread in a broader span faster.


There was never really a single person that invented it because so many people changed or improved it. Anesthesia was a revolutionary thing because now people could be put a sleep or unconscious during their operations. So instead of people having to be awake while they were getting a limb amputated they were asleep.

Bessemer Method - 1855

Henry Bessemer

Henry Bessemer revolutionized the steel production business by being able to make steel out of iron. This is the reason we know of a man named Andrew Carnegie. It allowed a very expensive product back then into a cheaper and easier material to make allowing us to be able to make skyscrapers.

Vaccines - 1870

Louis Pasteur

This invention was revolutionary because it allowed people to stay alive longer even though they get a seemingly small disease such as a flu or cold. This was big because people perished from these diseases and with the sanitary conditions in the cities it was very big.

Calculator - 1847-1849

Charles Babbage

This invention revolutionized the astronomy and mathematics because it got rid of the human error in computing. Usually, the tables used for computing were created by a person so there is always some error in this.

Phonograph - circa 1899

Thoams Edison

This invention allowed people to listen music without a person have to be playing live. This invention wasn't even a purposeful invention it was accidentally discovered when he was working on some of his other works.

Canned Food - circa 1800

Nicolas Appert

This invention revolutionized the food industry because before you had to salt and dry out your food, but now there is a way that you can preserve the food but keep the quality.

Spinning Jenny - 1764

James Hargreaves

The invention of the spinning jenny allowed the production of textiles to be faster thus making them cheaper because there are less man hours involved.

The Typewriter - circa 1800

This invention also does not have just one inventor or one producer that made it famous. this revolutionized the documentation of events and communication because of how much faster you could type compared to how fast you can write it out.

Automobiles - 1908

Henry Ford

This I believe is one of the biggest impacts from the industrial revolution because of the effect is has on the transportation industry, people, and the environment.

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