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- Around one third of the Earth's surface is covered in deserts and the original meaning of the word desert is 'an abandoned place'.

- The deserts environment is a hot, dry land that gets little rainfall and is below freezing at night.

- To adapt to the weather in the desert, pack a tent and dress in loose-fitting clothing to protect yourself from the dust, heat and flies.

- The Oases environment has shade, fresh water, fertile land and water that gets trapped underground and seeps to the surface.

- To adapt to the weather in Oases you'll have towns near, and peaches, grains and dates for farming. Be aware of the deep wells, though.

- The Coastal Plain has damp air, regular rain, dry riverbeds that sometimes fill with water and natural harbors.

- To adapt to the weather in The Coastal Plain their will be grains, fruits, vegtables, and trees for frankincense and myrrh, wells, dams, irrigation, and extensive sea trade to be attentive of.

- The Mountains have steep, sloping slides and sharp or slighty rounded peaks.

- The Mountains can get up to 1000-12000 feet in elevation, moist winds from the Indian Ocean, good rainfall, cool temperatures - frost, and dry riverbeds that fill up during rainstorms.

- To adapt to the weather in the Mountains, be aware that the climate changes often, and there is terrace farming.

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