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My name: Son Truong Thai (Rafael)

Current city: Thunder Bay, ON

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Education: Online Marketing, Information Technology

Appearance: You can see me on the picture ( Don't look at skeleton 3:) )

Sports: Soccer, Curling, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton

My team soccer : Real Madrid

Hobbies: outdoor, riding, walking, reading, repairing machine, read thinking and play sports

Favorite Quotations: The life isn't a movie ,so you don't need to act

About myself: I like to go outside and ride my bicycle. Also, I like to watch movies and reading novels.I'm good at playing badminton :)). I sure I am friendly , nice, cool, crazy and trustworthy man. However, I am a secret man, and you shouldn't try to know about me.

I always have a big wish that is a ticket come back to my childhood.

I don't know why I love them. Maybe , they bring my feel to the sky when I listen to that music.

This is an old picture, and I don't remember about that picture. Everyone in the picture are my cousin..

Although, everyone live different locations , we are a big family.

The picture was taken by my sister in 2011. It is a first time my cousin came back Vietnam since he went to Canada.

I always remmebered to that trip.We got friend a long time

I can't imagine, I have a lot of friends from other countries. That is a dream, and I don't want to wake up.

He is a my best friend, and we made friend about 19 years.

This is a my cousin.She is 4 years old.That picture was taken by me when I came to Nipigion at first time. The weather is very crazy.

My childhood is that days .We often went to oustside when it was rainning. Yes! we run , jumb, play soccer,..or simple we call it is a name "Tam mua".

I like 3 characters in the novels who are James Bond, Sherlock Home and Voldemort. They can read people's mind. That is awsome ! I know some bit about to read people's mind

That is a character who I like best in Harry Poter series. I know he is a satanic person, but he is a smart guy.Besides, if you read about him , you will lamentari to him.

Last Sunday, my cousins and me went to a lake in Nipigion. Unfortunately, we didn't bring swim clothes, the water in the lake was warm. I want to swim in a lake in Canada.

I will to try have a girl friend :)) because we always have 3 people go somewhere
My aunt's family always tease me and they hope I will come back Nipigion with a girl.However, I think it is very difficult to me.

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