Audio Broadcasting
          Liddie Stanford

session 1

in session one i learned how a radio station operates. i was introduced to various radio program formats. And i learned how to use the digital audio editing software program.

Session 2

in session two i learned the role advertising plays in radio. i used the digital audio editing software to record and apply effects to a prewritten commercial. And i wrote and recorded a commercial of my own.

Session 3

in session three i wrote at least three news story's and commentary as well as an entire introduction to my news cast

session 4

in session 4 i recorded an introduction to my newscast; recorded at least three news story's; and recorded the comentary

session 5

in session five i made lead-ins and lead-outs for my news story and commentary broadcast

session 6

in session six i finished up the lead-ins and the lead-outs; i also added new musical files for my broadcast.

session 7

in session 7 i pulled together all of the media files that i created in earlier sessions to create one final broadcast file; and i burned the final broadcast file to a CD

Real Life Carrier

you could take your knowledge of audio broadcasting and become a Radio Talk Show Host.  A radio talk show host works for a radio station and performs on what is typically a daily show. He or she may work alone or with a partner; two-person radio talk shows are fairly common because it gives people the opportunity to converse more easily. A radio talk show host may have a college degree in communications, broadcasting, or journalism, depending on the type of radio show he or she will be working on.

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