The Role of George Wahington

February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland, Virgina, a boy was born, who had no idea of the role that he would have in America's future and history. His name, was George Washington.

He was only 11 when his father died and had to live with his mother and his brother, Lawrence. When George was only 14 he wanted to join the British navy, but stayed home because he followed his mother's wishes. By the age of 16 George had obtained a math education, reading, and any other subjects of that time. In 1749 George was appointed county surveyor, and later became a Major in the Virginia Militia in 1752

Washington began to advance in military ranks during the French and Indian War. Washington was eventually promoted  to colonel and commander in chief of all Virginia troops. After Washington forced the French to abandon Fort Duquesne he married Martha Custis, and returned to his life at Mount Vernon.

George's grandfather and great- grandfather were justices of the peace. Justices of the peace were a powerful county position in eighteenth-century-Virginia.       George's was based on an alliance with the family of his brother's father-in-law. Washington was elected to the Virginia House of Burgessee in 1758 as a representative from Frederick County. He served as a judge of Fairfax County from 1760-1764. In July, 1774 George led the county meeting, that was held to adopt the Fairfax Resolves. The resolves influenced the adoption of the Continental Association, which was a plan devised by the First Continental Congress for enforcing nonimportation of British goods.

When the 2 Continental Congress met after the battle of Lexington and Concord, Washington was unanimously elected to lead the Continental army. Washington had served from June 15, 1775- December 23, 1783. Throughout the war Washington developed military leadership, administrative skills, and political sharpness. From 1775-1783 he was the Chief Executive of the United States. Washington won many battles including the clever surprise attack when they were staying at Valley Forge. Eventually Wahington surrounded the British and forced them to surrender which ended the Revolutionary War. After the war Washington went back to his house at Mount Vernon to relax. But is wasn't easy to because he was constantly kept busy with farming, western land interests, and navigation of the Potomac River.

It was looking pretty obvious that Washington was going to fill the role in office as president. After he was unanimously elected as president in 1789, he helped translate the new Constitution into a workable instrument of government. Also with his help the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution. Washington was one of our most  memorable and famous presidents of all time. You can find him now on the one dollar bill and the quarter.

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