UTA Reflection

Ashton Brown

  My first thought, once we arrived on the campus this morning, was that the buildings looked very modern but had a nice, calm, and homely feeling to them. I think the best part was the science lab, because I thought it was cool the way they could change the color of the liquid and make it a acid by putting a simple piece of ice in it. My least favorite part was the video( because I couldn't hear anything) and the fact that we had to sit on a hard, nasty floor for hours on end.

  My suggestion for next year is that they check the weather before scheduling the tour, so that the students can actually walk around. Another suggestion is that they talk about actual college life; like how it is living in dorms, getting jobs, working hard to have a good outcome in the end, etc.

  I would CONSIDER going to UTA in the future, because I like the system they have( making it affordable) also because there are a lot of people to meet and become friend with and a good amount of places to live nearby. The reason why I would only CONSIDER UTA is because I want to have a fashion design major, and I'm not sure if they have that.

  In conclusion, I would go to UTA depending on if they have any fashion majors, but id still consider it.

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