By: Maddie Newton

Basic Information:

*Chile's population is about 17.62 million.

*Chile's official language is spanish.

*Chile's official currency is the Chilean peso.

*Chile's capitol city is Santiago.

*Two of Chile's neighboring countries are Bolivia and Argentina.

Famous places in Chile:

1. Ester Island. Ester Island is one of the most isolated islands on Earth and it is located about  2,300 miles off Chile's West Coast. Ester island is famous for its array of almost 900 giant stone figures that date back many centuries. The figures are a mystery because nobody really knows for sure why and how they were built.

2. Cerro San Cristóbal. Cerro San Cristóbal is a hill in Northern Santiago with a beautiful view over the city and of the Andes. At the top of the hill, which can be reached by cabe or a very long car ride, there are a lot of things to do including visit the 72 foot statue of Virgin Mary and go to the zoo.

3. Valle De La Luna. Valle De La Luna, a landmark located in the Atacama desert,  is named after its moon like surface, the result off many years of wind and floods.(pictured above)

Local Expressions Native To Chile:

1. ¿cachái?- This expression translates to "do you understand?" or "got it?" It is also the second person conjugation of ‘cachar’ which translates to ‘to understand’.

2. agarrar pa’l (para el) hueveo- A way of saying "to make fun of" in Chile.

3. al tiro- This phrase means "immediately"

Popular Food and Drink in Chile:

1. Papaya con Crema - preserved papaya with whipped cream.

2. Cola De Mano- This drink includes Aguardiente liquor with milk, Cinnamon, coffee and sugar, and is typically drunk around Christmas time.

Climate and Geography of Chile:Chile's climate has a big range, from the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world, in the far north to Patagonia’s glaciers in the south. But central Chile's climate is mild and warm, tropical weather. South Chile is icy and cold with strong winds, while the islands of Chile on the Pacific Ocean enjoy warm and subtropical weather. Chile's terrain is mostly mountainous, with just under one fith percent flat land.


Fiestas Partias:

Fiestas Partias is the Chilean Independence day celebrated every year on September 18. This day is important because on September 18, 1810, Chile broke free from Spanish rule and declared their independence. Also, the day after Fiestas Partias is a National holiday too. On that day, Armed Forces day, they celebrate Chile’s military victories including their independence with  military and naval parades and events like that. The things they do on Fiestas Partias include parades, air shows, festivals, patriotic decorations and cultural foods. Also something else they do to celebrate is host and attend traditional "asados", or barbecues. At these barbecues, they celebrate with dancing. All the festivities span over a long weekend and are celebrated accross the country.  I think Fiestas Partias is a great event that truly honors and celebrates  the Chilean Nation.  

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