Text inference one

"Sharks are very effective predators and prevent the populations of certain types of fish from growing too large."

The inference i can make is that sharks are an important part of the food and the thing they are saying is that the shark keeps the food chain balanced.

Text inference two

Stevens grew a 1,810-pound giant in 2010 that broke the world record. The record didn't stand for long, though. In fact, the world record has been broken nine out of the past 10 years."

The inference i can make is that the author is trying to show just how big the pumpkins grow. Also what is the world record for these pumpkins and how large they can get.

Text inference three

"Bill Lokey was standing in a huge cave of ice. The cave was near the top of Mount Rainier, a 14,411-foot-high volcano in Washington state."

The inference i can make is the author is describing the high part were the ice caves are on the volcano in Washington state. Also another inference I can make is that the information on the height of the mountain is that to get to the ice caves you got to go up higher than most people go.

Picture inference one

The inference i can make is that the person taking the picture is showing the the sharks scaring looking point of view and if you are standing in front of a bull shark i think the shark could be going to see if the person taking the photo is food.

Picture inference two

The inference I am making is that the person who just took this picture has just climbed to the top to get the best view while being a couple thousand feet up and it also looks like the mountain peak is very thin at the top and there is not much area to stand on. you can tell from the amazing view that he is looking at.

Picture inference three

The inference i can make is that this ship ran a ground (hit the bottom for all of you people who do not know what that means) in a large storm and now they are being thrown around by the huge waves that have put this boat in a bad situation.

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