This cut is the perfect combination of tenderness and a rich, hearty flavor. Ribeyes have a ribbon of marbling that runs through the steak.These come directly off the picnic ham. “Basically, it’s from the brisket area of the pig, if pigs had brisket  it’s basically a bone-in brisket,” says Mylan. “You get the front part of the spareribs with a lot of meat.” The country-style spareribs contain a combination of dark and light meat. In choosing a breed, you really want to decide if their services are required for egg production, meat, or both. You may also want to consider their temperament, as some breeds are better around children than others. Poultry can make great family pets and are ideal table scrap recycling units. They're great soil aerators and their poo is excellent for composting. If you're up to the task, they can make great soup once their use-by date has been reached.

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